By Kiyimba Bruno

The Roman Catholic Church is a religious denomination that is known for preparing all its preachers before they come out to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

However one of the few priests that have been well mentored in today’s world Rev. Fr. Anthony Musaala has been seen as a man who has his legs crossed, wondering where exactly he belongs.

Apparently many Christians Catholics and non believers have been eagerly awaiting for the ArchBishop of Uganda Cyprian Kizito Lwanga to confirm Musaala’s return back to the Catholic Church.

Fr. Musaala had been stopped from active preaching in the Catholic Church by its leaders due to the fact that he was implicated in many ‘illegal’ activities.

He is a man who is known for playing gospel music, an act that has sold his name to greater heights.

Apparently, many Catholics have started  seeing him attending mass at Christ the King Church Kampala and many have been seen hugging and happily welcoming him back home.

The days when he was stopped from active preaching, Fr Musaala showed how he had crossed to the Orthodox Church and was ready to serve. On a sad note, this did not work out well for him.

Mt. Zion Bukalango Catholic Church is known to have sold him to many Christians including non believers who came for the overnight session.

Many of these came pretending to have come to pray, but in the actual sense they used to come to enjoy the sweet music that is played by the Dude Reverend.

When approached during a mass at Christ the king, Father Musaala said that he is happy to be home and all shall be great.