By Watchdog reporter

Kabarole District Council has passed a motion to rename Fort Portal city to Kabarole City.

The district chairperson Richard Rwabuhinga during a council meeting, moved a motion calling for the renaming of  the city to Kabarole so that Fort Portal remains a Division within Kabarole city.

However, a section of Councilors raised concerns that Fort Portal could lose its identity when renamed.

During the meeting, the Deputy speaker Hussein Kato who chaired the session put the motion to vote and majority supported the amendment to have Kabarole City and Fort Portal to remain as a division within Kabarole.

Fort Portal was named after Sir Gerald Herbert Portal who was appointed as British Special Commissioner to East Africa in 1892 and visited Uganda to establish whether the area should become a British Protectorate to replace the failing Imperial British  East  Africa Company.

His recommendation that it should become a British Protectorate was accepted by the British Government however he died at the age of 36years six months before his recommendation became a reality on 18 June 1894. His statue still stands in the town centre.

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