By Watchdog reporter

The former Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) managing director Paul Kihika has been arrested.

Mr Kihika was forced to quit UBC in 2014 after his management was bedeviled with a string of corruption scandals.

It has emerged that Police has questioned Kihiika of purchase of some movie soaps at UBC at a tune of Shs50million.

Kihiika didn’t have a clear explanation how the decision to purchase was reached and given the fact that he had no board to supervise him.

Kihiika bought the Chinese soaps but they never hit the big screen causing UBC loss of finance.

When he Kihiika said he had documentation for the purchase and the committee handed him over to the CIID to escort him to UBC premises where he claimed to have left the files and he presents them to the committee.

Unfortunately, no files were found, leading to his arrest.

A few years ago, the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Irene Mulyagonja accused Kihika of incompetence, favouritism and failure.

She accused Kihika of drawing a double salary from both the Ministry of Gender and that of a substantive Managing Director of UBC.

Mulyagonja accused Kihika of abusing his powers at UBC, including dismissing and recruiting new employees. Kihika denied the charges.