praise he; praise he; praise he in the morning. praise he at the noon time. praise he. praise he. praise he when the son goes down.

Sorry to disappoint you but from what I have read so far, again ISLAM and the HEBREW/JEWISH religion are the ones relatively on track in terms of religious truthfulness. The Christian (Jesus) religions as we know them are actually the Satanic version of creation. The only God who ever existed is Satan/Jesus. So every time you say there is just one “God” you are right but that “God” is not the creator. Simply one of the earthly creations for the creator.

The Creator is the “lord” or simply “he” and his creation mother earth is simply “she”. Trouble is the “devil knows the bible even more than the Lord” why? it was written by man.

All Christian bibles have two testaments the Old Testament and the New Testament and I was wondering why those two versions date back to the same time; in fact the New Testament is always published before the Old Testament in all Publications. Truth is they are two versions of the same truth.

The Old Testament written by Moses is a fair attempted interpretation of the revelations from the Lord about how he created the earth. The new Testament is a confused attempt to imitate the Old Testament whilst introducing Satan (Jesus) as a new God who is superior; over and above the creator.

Who everyone should worship in place of the creator. In fact the Lord is only referred to as “he” and the earth as “she” in the authentic scrolls. So the only “God there is according to all scripture translations is Jesus/Satan. The Liar’s Scriptures; have successfully blackmailed and caused all humans to abandon the real creator in fact to most of us the Creator is ‘Satan’ and anyone who searches for ‘he’ is ‘evil’ or a witch.

Those bearing ‘he’s’ messages are false prophets so the world is designed to completely rebel against the creator. But why not; after all ‘Satan’ is the God of the Earth. The one who determines how humans should live.

I am expecting so many insults because as I said before; the world is controlled by ‘Satan’. The New Testament has completely overwritten and dispensed the Old Testament. If we are worshipping the same Lord then why is it necessary to rubbish the works he revealed to our forefathers in the old testament and blindly follow declarations that “I have come to remove all Old Laws”. We are completely lost. Why is Jesus, a mere son and messenger more important than his father who sent him to the extent of humans being killed for failing to follow him.

Well I could never have written this piece without getting the courage to read what was written in the original scriptures amidst persecution and alienation from family and friends for becoming ‘evil’ because I am challenging the creator for the truth. Because I am engaging with and investing nature and tradition which is ‘satanic and evil’.We have got it wrong. Please take the time to read the original scriptures side by side; the Moseric Texts and the Samaritan Pentateuch in one place with the translations that your bibles give you.

Only react to this post after reading the 3 versions just to tell me if your own interpretation and translation of the Original revelations is the same as interpreted and written in contemporary bibles.

I would wish for your help specifically with GENESIS 2:6-14. The Garden of Eden as we know it is on African soils and in Uganda to be specific but the false scripture interpretations have placed it in Iraq because they do not wish humans to come to their home of creation and reconnect with their true Father the Lord and Mother Earth for spiritual renewal. Please tell me what you understand these scriptures to mean.

I do not wish to confuse you so in another post I will share the original ‘Satanic Scriptures’ after investing their original scriptures that form the NEW TESTAMENT aka CANNON BOOKS. Those who cannot wait can read the “Awadhi version of the bible” again from Genesis 1 in which ‘Jesus’ himself confesses he is a liar because the “Lord” is in heaven and he is lying that he rules the heavens”.

The only logical explanation is that Satan too started his own race of humanity (or is it ‘demons’ that simply claim and possess human bodies) and these have had more control and influence over the translations and publications of the bible as we know it.

Your only salvation is self investigation so please take the time to read the scriptures. Below are the original Hebrew/Jewish scrolls.