By Watchdog reporter

On many occasions, ex- servicemen’s hopes of receiving their pension money are halted by some government officials who embezzle the fund at the expense of the supposed to be beneficiaries.

One of the aggrieved ex-servicemen Sergeant Charles Massa, a former police officer who retired on 1 August, 1990 has worked tooth and nail to ensure that he receives his retirement benefits but to no avail.

When Massa clocked age of 55 years after 30 years of service, like any other retiring officer,he was given a certificate of retirement as he went back to his village in Bunamubi, Bukigai,Majinya county in Bududa District, formerly Mbale district.

However to his dismay, he has spent over 25 years, he has been following up his pension in vain adding that his record was vanquished and every time he goes to public service, they tell him his time to receive the benefits expired.

“For over 25 years, I have been following up my pension in vain. There is no record of mine and each time I go to public service they tell me time expired (the same reason they put on cause of discharge,” Massa said.

He further said he was informed that there’s a pension verification exercise but he doesn’t know how it works adding that his dream to receive the money is shuttered since he is sickly and no money to keep going to public service.

Massa even tried to access the President’s Press Secretary Nabusayi Wamboka who as well gave him less hope who just wrote to the responsible authorities.

“If there is anybody who can help this pensioner let’s do that. I have been told there are many Police pensioners who have been fleeced of their hard earned pension,” Nabusayi wrote.