By Simeo Nsubuga

This morning I woke up to accept what appeared to a film yet it’s the bitter truth that my Comrade (Munywanyi) Kaweesa Andrew Felix is dead. Kaweesi died in line of duty but in a barbaric way. I trust the security agencies that they are going to bring to justice those who killed my good friend, his bodyguard and the driver.

Munywanyi (comrade) Kaweesi and I plus a few of our colleagues we have been so close ever since we met in Makerere Univesity in 1996 as fresh students.

After the university in 1999 we designed our plan together of joing the Police force as cadet officers. After the Ssebutinde Commission Report in 2000. Police advertised for cadet officers. Kaweesi, myself and Kafeero Moses sat for cadet interviews and we passed them and on 18/8/2001 we joined the force as cadet officer trainees at Kibuli Police Training School and then Kabalye. We finished and passed out on 24/4/2002 and started serving this country.

As members of YOUTH ALIVE CLUB, a Catholic christian fellowship at Makerere and STUDY GROUP which is a think tank group, we became so close that even in 1997/1998 when he stood as Guild President I was one of his campaign managers.

We have been close family friends for over 20 years. Kaweesi’s wife Annet and my wife Sarah are OGs and Kaweesi met her at my residence. Because of the bondage, I went ahead to chair their introduction and wedding meetings and he wedded his lovely wife in 2006 at Nsambya Cathedral.

On Wednesday as I was attending one of our meetings at Parliament and my phone was in silent mode when I checked I saw a missed call from Munywanyi Kaweesi and when I called back his phone was busy. I said I will call later and we talk. Unfortunately I didn’t call back, just yesterday morning I got message that Munywanyi Kaweesi is dead. I don’t know what my good friend was telling me and I have missed it. Leaving a young family behind. At this stage what we can do is to pray for the young family to pass through this difficult moment.

Our families has been so close that even our kids are attending the same schools i.e Uganda Martyrs Namugongo and Kabojja.

Kaweesi has been an officer of unique character. With a lot of determination to finish any assignment before him and giving good advice whenever is needed.

Munywanyi Kaweesi was a staunch Catholic of rare religious qualities. I remember one incident in 2001 December from Kibuli PTS we boarded a taxi to Christ the King Church for Sunday service and after the service we went back. When we reached Kibuli he had forgotten his phone inside the church and when he went back his expensive phone was no where to be seen. When he come back trainees like Fred Enanga laughed at him telling him that while inside the church during service he sang the famous Catholic church song ” Twala byonna byenina”. He replied to them that I know God is the provider, I will get another one. Fortunately, in few weeks we were given our first salary as cadet trainees and Kaweesi bought a new phone.

*Nsubuga is a member of parliament for Kasanda county.