By Namugerwa Martha

Former park yard vendors urge to the government for help due to the poor working and threatening conditions they are facing while working at Ham shopping grounds where they were relocated.

Vendors said that the building has cracks which boils their blood  and make them fear for their lives because of the building’s state and many have taken months without customers.

“This building can’t make it to 5 years from now it’s in a bad state, when you step it hard it cracks,” vendors said.

They added that they were told that they won’t pay for six months yet they are demanded to pay the rent which is difficult very high for them to raise because of the customers which are scarce at the building.

“We are told to pay shs 650,000 per month as rent to the owner,” vendors added.

However, Betty Kamya the Kampala minister who ordered the demolition of park yard in February, when asked about the vendor’s complaints said that she can’t comment on the issues because she has to first investigate the matter.

Additionally, Hamis Kiggundu the owner of the building called them false allegations.