By Watchdog reporter

Where is Christopher Aine, the controversial Amama Mbabazi aide that disappeared during campaigns and reappeared after elections?
Where is Daniel Kazibwe aka Ragga Dee, the NRM flag bearer for Kampala Lord Mayor?
Well, Watchdog can exclusively tell you that the duo are running Gen Salim Saleh’s mobilization office in Mutundwe.

Aine, who heads Gen Saleh’s office, is not in a surprising position given his reemergence on the scene after he went missing for more than two months.

Aine who was heading Amama’s security, disappeared after causing mayhem in Ntugamo, beating up NRM supporters, who had come to disorganize Mbabazi’s rally.
President Museveni would swear that the people who beat up NRM supporters had dipped their finger in the “leopard’s anus”.

After Aine disappeared and a bounty of sh20 million was put on his head by police.

At some point, he was declared dead, only to reemerge with Gen Saleh.

Saleh, according to our sources, fired the people running his office and replaced them with Aine and Ragga Dee crop.The office is in charge of mobilization among other things.