By Watchdog reporter

Sad news reaching our desk indicates that the ex wife of former Kampala mayor Nasser Ntege Sebaggala has died.

Gera Mosha Muliira died on Saturday morning at her home in Muyenga where she has been receiving medication from doctors.

According to Sebaggala, for long Mosha has been suffering from cancer  and she has been receiving medication from different hospitals in several countries like South Africa, USA among others.

Sebaggala said he spent 37 years with Mosha as husband and wife until they decided to part ways. During those years of marriage, the couple did not sire any child together but deceased is survived by six children she got from another marriage.

The veteran politician praised his ex-wife as a hardworking woman.

Mosha has been the owner of the famous fast food point in Kampala known as Bon Apetit.


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