By Watchdog reporter
Work is work. Yes, former ICT minister Nyombi applied for the position of Director of the Rural Communication Development Fund under the Uganda Communications Commission, a well funded organization, and many people mocked him. Others expressed conflict interest for a man to apply at an egency he used to supervise as minister of state.
However, Nyombi Thembo, said he had to find a job to feed his family since he had been defeated in NRM primary elections and he was sure he was going to lose his job as minister which came to pass when he was replaced by Aidah Nantaba from Kayunga.
The 52-year-old Nyombi Thembo had just married his bride in August of 2016 and he said he has a young family to look after.
Now it has emerged he actually got the job. There is however an outcry asking if the interviews were fair. May be that is a legitimate question, but, that a minister now has to report to Engineer Godfrey Mutabazi who heads the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) is a factor of life.
Nyombi’s new job at the Rural Communications development Fund entails extending to rural areas among other things, projects implemented by RCDF including; Internet points of presence (POP), Internet cafes, ICT training centres, Public payphones, District web portals, Multi Purpose Community Tele-centres (MCT), Postal projects, School ICT laboratories, Health ICT facilities, Voice network sites, Content development projects, Local governance projects, and Other unique projects.
RCDF is a Universal Service Fund (USF) to communications in Uganda which was established in 2003 and it is administered at arms’ length by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).
Between 2003 and 2009, the focus of RCDF projects was on ensuring access to ICT services for the underserved areas. Subsequently, the RCDF project focus shifted to ensuring usage of ICT services
RCDF was started in the year 2003. The activities of RCDF are guided by the RCDF policy of 2001 which was rolled over for the five year period 2003 to 2007.