By Watchdog reporter

Barely two months after DFCU taking over Crane Bank, the first action DFCU took is to sack over 250 helpless employees of the now defunct Crane Bank which move was against the agreement between the new management and Bank of Uganda.

The fired employees were given their termination letters minus any sought of benefit.

During the takeover of Crane Bank, Governor BoU, Prof. Emmanuel Mutebiile promised Ugandans that the Crane Bank employees would not lose their jobs but probably he meant the opposite.

Now, the discontented sacked employees have resolved to take legal action against DFCU for wrongful dismissal.

Through their lawyers, the employees have filed a case to the Industrial Court for settlement where BoU and DFCU are jointly sued.

This case could cost both DFCU and BoU billions of shillings in paying for damages, contractual breach and distress to Crane Bank employees.