By Najibu Mulema

Apple Iphone 7 already released on market and many capable  Ugandans are praising it ,talking about it’s luxurious and up to date features,hopefully to own one in feature(hope not after the release of iphone 8) but my friend forget about those iphone things.

Here is a yet to be released smartphone which make the likes of apple,samsung to look like gabagge.

Turing Robotics Industries a smartphone company based in USA  has announced specifications for their new smartphone and it puts all the

best phones of the world to shame.

The Turing Monolith(phone name) that’s going to be released in 2018 will boast of an 18 GB of RAM and 786 GB of in-built storage.


It will consist of 3 Snapdragon 830 processors, that’s about 6 times the processing of a regular phone.

In addition, The Turing Monolith will boast of a 6.4 inch 4k resolution screen. But that’s not where the specifications end. The company has announced that the phone’s rear camera will be 60 MP and the front camera will be 20 MP. Imagine taking a selfie with THAT!

Even in the power section, The Turing Monolith will have a 120 KWh battery, that’s way longer than most phones we use today.

The Turing Monolith will be available for the masses sometime in 2018 but its specifications have already taken the technology world by storm.

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