By Watchdog reporter

NTV news anchor Sheila Nduhukire has lashed out at Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo, branding him a “fool”.

It all started on Tuesday Morning. Two members of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine (Kyadondo East) and Allan Ssewanyana (Makindye West) sounded the alarm that bombs had been detonated at their homes.

While everyone was concerned and expected the government to be concerned and investigate the matter, Mr Opondo, the executive director of the Uganda Media Centre, made comments which made light a matter of the security of Uganda let alone the fact they are MPs.

Opondo went on his twitter handle and claimed that Opposition MPs are using flash bang grenades to ‘attack themselves’ as a scare tactic to frame government.

“#AgeLimitUg flash bang grenades at opp MPs’ residences could be own scare tactics to frame gov’t,” he tweeted adding that, “Opp MPs know they don’t have the numbers & logical arguments to stop #Age Limit, now using scarecrow tactics,”

The NTV journalist who had been tweeting and reporting about the event could not hide her disdain after the unfortunate comments from the government spokesman.

Nduhukire tweeted, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

Sheila immediately got overwhelming support for the comment, despite some critics pointing out that she was being biased.

However it was not just Nduhukire attacking Mr Opondo for the comments.

Below is a sample of hundreds of comments running below Ofwono’s comments:



That’s familiar. When Lumumba’s car rammed into a civilian, told us the civilian had walked into the car. spin deny etc


No wonder Uchumi closed due to people like you who caused financial loss to the supermarket.


Does that also mean we shouldn’t take Anite’s claims of death threats seriously? Should people actually die for these to be real?

How do you prove this ? Have the police already come up with the report on their investigations that fast?

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Okay according to your logic, flash bombs are easily accessible seems like there is No state monopoly of violence.

U really nid to update yoself to de latest version coz yo mind operating system is worn out…..sir


Your allegation is very preposterous vexatious and frivolous and not a product of sound mind


I see what yo trying to say here .. may be the underwear too belonged to the gov’t and it was normal picking 4rm the shelf to frame to self.


10 hours ago

I thought such weapons are own by non other than Ugandan military NOT opposition figures..


what would you have said?

Podel why do u normally substitute your brain with your behind?


Be mindful of your mouth coz its a sharp instrument.

No wonder you’re the government spokesperson and your account isn’t verified. Do you ask yourself why?