By Kiyimba Bruno

Food Rights Alliance Boss Agnes Kirabo has expressed her worry about the rights of seeds in the country.

This was during a CSOs National Seed dialogue at Hotel Africana, under the theme “Preserving indigenous seed varieties amidst advancing technology.

Kirabo said that seed is a source of life since it creates and recreates unlike animals,insects and fish.

“We need our right to our seed and food system. We need to know how it works” Noted Kirabo.

She went ahead to lament that Uganda has seeds but is mainly looking at the neighborhood. On this note Kirabo advised Ugandans to work hard in order to find a solution for the seed since seed is everything.

In the review of seed and plant act 2006 and how it works,it states that current seed and plant limit farmers’ ability to acquire the seeds of their choice.

In particular, barter and exchange of seeds of varieties protected by plant breeders’ right is prohibited.

Currently, many Ugandans have eaten what they had kept as seeds due to the fact that the weather has been hot and they had to have a solution to the food scarce grievance.