Here are six ways you can avoid paying your fare in Uganda. Trust us, they work!

1. Preaching

With our super religious nature, who would dare ask for money from a preacher man? (We know some incredibly stubborn mates would). Just make sure you test the waters first and choose your taxi/minibus carefully. Once the journey starts, whip out your bag and start preaching the good Word of God. And if the mate is even stubborn and keeping asking you for money, one of the passengers is sure to pay up in your stead.

2. Wear a uniform

The case of traffic uniforms in buses comes with a caveat; maintain the look associated with the uniform. If you are already a police, army or naval officer, this should be easier for you. If you, however, have to fake it, make a convincingly good impression.

3. Sit behind someone you know


Bus conductors (mates) usually start collecting their money from the front, so just make sure you are sitting conveniently behind someone you know – a neighbour, aunt, lecturer, teacher, etc. – they will have to pay for you before the conductor reaches your row. It’s a RULE!!!

4. Sell medicines


For further explanations, refer to point #1. Selling drugs in works as efficiently as preaching in a car. You don’t have to be a medically qualified or a certified drug vendor, just sells drugs that solve common ailments – painkillers, vitality enhancements or dewormers, most especially dewormers.

5. Pick the bus of your driver/mate friend


An old classmate who is now a drivers mate or even the driver himself is an automatic way to save some bus fare.

6. Pretend you have already paid

This is usually a tricky way to avoid paying transport  fares. It is not something easy to pick up and thus not for the fainthearted.