By Ian Ortega

Yesterday I attended Phaneroo for the first time. I first met Apostle grace years back when he paid one of my Church cells a visit. I also used to go to Mukono at Christ Heart Ministries when Apostle Grace used to preach on one of the evenings. Even then, young people were always drawn to his message. There was always something manifesting.

I must confess that when I got to the Phaneroo grounds, I knew for certain God was in that place. And he is working through everyone that attends this fellowship. The moment I arrived, I bumped into a million friends. They all carried me all the way to the front seats despite my defiance.

And the message of Apostle Grace Lubega is surely of one that God is working with, through and in him.

He emphasized that Grace comes from rest. That it is time we get to a position where we trust God. All we have to do is belief. We can’t please God by our works. We just have to have faith. He started a good work, He shall surely finish it.

And when Apostle Grace speaks about the love of Jesus Christ, you can see that light of truth and honesty of a man who’s surely experienced that love. For now there is no condemnation. God loves us much more than we shall even ever love ourselves.

Let me confess too that I often times listen to Apostle Grace’s sermons using my Phaneroo app. And everytime there is something that is created in me as I listen. It is an overflow from within, I find myself speaking in tongues, with no worry, no panic. Just at rest. For it is by grace that we have been saved, through faith.

There is somewhere Apostle Grace preached about God telling Noah; “come ye into the ark.”
Let me quote him; “Some people think God was just watching from outside during the floods. No way. He was in there. That is why He says “come ye into the ark” not “go into the ark.”

I don’t think there is certainly any better place to be on a Thursday evening that at Phaneroo.

I am still singing; Grace Glorious Grace by Planet Shakers.

“No matter what I have done, no matter where I have been. No matter how I fall, you pick me up again. You have removed my shame, you take as I am. You call me justified. Now I am covered by your grace.”

If you want to know where to meet me on Thursday evenings, now you have a clue. Soon it will be compulsory for each of you my friends to come with me on Thursday. Doesn’t iron sharpen iron? Yes a man does sharpen the countenance of his friend.