By Badru Mulisike

Dear my lover, its true what people say that I am lonely and unhappy

But you best know it is not a disease, only a longing for you

How far shall it last, how far shall this loneliness torture me?


Dear my lover, so many nightmares attack me each night

My body shivers, my heart beats loudand hard

I lie awake in bed, for I can never sleep without thinking of you!


Dear my lover, it is never that the first cut is the deepest

but it is that the one you love thoroughly has to deep inside you and then you can never sleep without thinking of that one.


Dear my lover, at first I thought we were making life of pleasure

But I have been jailed in feelings of fantasy, where I cannot free myself

I await and hope to be sentenced, to a wedding or introduction!


Dear my lover, you are the pain and the sorrow in me

Though I cannot let out my tears, you know I cannot hide my suffering,

My only crime being, letting my heart to love you.


Dear my lover, my friends advise me to let go of you

But the love I have for you in my heart, is willing to wait for an eternity

Dear my lover,will you return my love..?

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