By our reporter

The first born of Christian television in Uganda is throwing a party to celebrate its 20 years of existence.

Lighthouse television (LTV) based in Naguru will on Saturday host Kampala’s who is who at Sheraton hotel to mark a milestone which brought about a new dawn for Christian broadcasting in Uganda.

Dr Bob Nichols, a Texas based preacher who funded the television gospel project addressed the media alongside Bishop Isaiah Mbuga. Christ’s Heart Ministries and Dr Gary Everett the station manager of LTV where they recounted the journey of the television which has stood the test time without traditional advertising as its revenue stream.

Since LTV was licensed in 1987, several television have closed down including Sanyu and WBS, which were some of the private stations under the liberalization sector.

The television technology has also changed in the course of time including migrating from analog to digital which meant change in technology used to broadcast.

LTV programming is quite different from several Christian televisions in the country whereby it has stuck to bringing preachers to inspire Christian faith as well as gospel music which has influenced the way Pentecostal churches praise and worship.

The television has been also behind coming to Uganda of world famous preachers including Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollars and Benny Hinn among others.

Bishop Mbuga, one of the preachers on LTV said there will be another celebrations for everyone after the VIP celebrations at Kampala Sheraton hotel.

Dr Everett said LTV is more than ready to continue broadcasting in the age of television competition coming from the digital spectrum as well as social media revolution which is changing the way people receive information.

He said the television has stood the test of time and will continue setting an example of how Christian television should program in Uganda and beyond.