By Faridah Nakazibwe

Since last weeks post about marrying smart lots of fellas have been asking me: what sort of woman they should look for? what sort of woman can fire up their careers?

My answer is: find a woman who is a ‘Bank Manager’ NOT a ‘Teller’.

1.By that i mean a woman who can help you MANAGE your money NOT just COUNT it

2.I mean a woman with the wisdom of a Bank Manager–who is WISE enough to ignore your CURRENT struggles, but intelligent enough to assess your FUTURE potential as a man, and invest some emotional CREDIT of faith in you, knowing that you can become somebody in the future.

3. Besides,a Bank Teller only transacts with you if your account has something NOW,but the woman i call a ‘Bank Manager’ is wise enough to know that it may look like you have nothing at present,but as long as you have a business plan, a career plan, you will become SOMEBODY.

ladies let’s pull our socks & focus on being best “Bank_Managers”
Hence there’s this: “#Behind_every_successful_man, there’s a strong woman.