By Innocent Nahabwe

Key learnings from my Rotaract talk

I often refuse to give talks but i was “coerced” by Noah Nyabwana to be a panelist a the last concluded #PLD18 that happened at Nommo Gallery. In the end, it wasn’t a loss. I learnt a few things myself.

One of things i learn was that Financial discipline is important. This i learnt from a young man called Kulubya who works at Centenary bank . Yes, i was inspired by a young man. it happens!

Here are a few tips that he shared;
Never spend on Impulse. Only spend on what is planned. Resist the urge to buy things even if they are on offer.

Carry only the cash you need in your wallet. If you need 10k, carry just that. It helps you not spend on things you really didn’t plan for.

Avoid gifts if you can. There are too many events these days, wedding meetings, birthdays, baby showers etc. These can be very expensive. They can drain you!

Spend within your means. Don’t spend beyond what you earn and if you earn more, don’t increase your expenditure to match the new income.

Negotiate …on everything. Yes, there is a chance any price can go lower. So why pay more?

Will share on loans tomorrow. Otherwise, next time, i may not refuse to give talks because , i may end up learning more than i can teach.

Dr. Innocent Nahabwe is the proprietor of Galaxy FM, Club Amnesia and Kagwirawo Sports betting among others.