The FIFA Regional Office Project Coordinator from the Johannesburg Office, Christine Gama completed a two day (8th-9th August 2018) inspection of football projects funded under the FIFA Forward Development Programme.

Gama arrived in the country on Wednesday and embarked on her assignments guided by the FUFA 2ndVice President Darius Mugoye, FUFA CEO Edgar Watson and Finance Director Decolas Kiiza. Mugoye represented the FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo during the deliberations and visits of the ongoing projects.

Gama’s first visit of the projects was at the newly acquired building for expansion of office space adjacent to the FUFA House in Mengo-Headquarters of football in Uganda. Refurbishment of the buildings is ongoing.

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She later went to the Kadiba training facility where construction has since taken off with the preliminary phase.

On day two of her visit, Gama held a meeting with the management of Mandela National stadium, Nambole who have allocated land onto which a beach soccer facility funded by FIFA will be established. She met of Mandela National stadium CEO Jamil Sewanyana.

She later proceeded to Lugazi where the FUFA stadium will be constructed.  She inspected the 10 acre piece of land that was offered by the kingdom of Buganda to FUFA to construct a 20,000 seater stadium.

Her visit wound up with the journey to the FUFA Technical Centre Njeru.