By our reporter

As the battle to combat HIV/AIDS in Uganda intensifies, a female panty condom has been introduced on the country’s market.

The “panty-like female condom is a thong with an adhesive pocket on the front that carries one condom made of polyurethane. It is sold accompanied by three additional condoms for subsequent use.

This new condom is made of bio-degradable latex.

According to Dr Moses Muwonge, the director of Samasha Medical Foundation, “The panty condom has a stronger material and allows for change of positions during intercourse unlike the current female condom on market. You can wear it all day and walk with it and when it comes for action, you don’t have to waste time putting it on”.

Campaigners hope that female condoms will provide women with more choice when it comes to family planning and enabling them to take better control of their bodies and their lives.