By Watchdog reporter

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Deputy Secretary General Harold Kaija has proved that he is serious in fighting against President Yoweri Museveni’s plan of lifting the presidential age limit through using Members of Parliament to amend the clause.

At the moment, Kaija has distributed contacts of all MPs in the 10th parliament to Ugandans who care about their country to start making phone calls, sending emails and texting them urging them not to involve themselves in a ‘deadly’ act of lifting the age limit.


Below are the contacts of MPs in the 10th Parliament. Start engaging them. We are aware some may not be familiar with Article 102 (b) which says that for one to be President of Uganda, “He should be NOT less than 35 years and NOT more that 75yrs.
Tell them, we can the clause to remain INTACT.

That one call,
That email
That text message,
May be key in defining the destiny of our country.

Send these contacts to friends, relatives, voters in your constituency. 
You may send bulk messages on a weekly basis.
Together we can pull this off.
Together we will celebrate.


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