It’s been an incredible effort from our supporters & we’ve done everything we can however a landslide Bobi Wine is predicted, congratulations to him.

All that’s left to say is thank you.

Thank you for all you’ve done for this campaign.

When this election was called we knew it would be tough but together, in a few weeks, we have achieved a lot with you.

Because no matter how much money NRM put in, no matter how many armed men that Police brought to Kyadondo East, we couldn’t have campaigned for Mr. Apollo Katinti without you.

We thank you for attending our rallies in thousands, together, we left no stone unturned through out the campaign.

We thank many of you that shared our messages online, reminded friends and family to vote for Mr. Apollo Katinti. We thank many of you that volunteered with us, our campaign managers and poll agents.

You’ve done FDC proud – and together, we continue our fight for One Uganda, One People.