By Najibu Mulema

Yesterday during the bail application hearing at High Court in Kampala of murder suspects Matthew Kanyamunyu, girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari and brother Joseph Kanyamunyu, drama arose when leaders from Northern Uganda led by Odongo Otto waged a war against Winnie Byanyima who is the wife to Forum for Democratic Change’s Dr. Kizza Besigye who had came to court to stand as one of the sureties for the Kanyamunyus.

The leaders from the north along with the slain Kenneth Akena’s relatives regretted why they supported Besigye during presidential elections because they could imagine that Besigye’s wife could promote such impunity and lawlessness by sidelining with the murderers (remember Kanyamunyu is a nephew to Byanyima).

Now FDC has come out to enlighten about yesterday’s court abnormality and here is what it wrote on its Facebook page;

We are a political party and not related to the criminal act before the courts today. We have however, made policy statements about the Criminal Justice.

Also , for the record: Sam Njuba RIP acted as lawyer in Akbar Godi’s murder case. Mugisha Muntu, Reagan Okumu & Francis Epetait as sureties. We respect Criminal Justice processes.

Also Winnie Byanyima stood with Reagan Okumu and Mike Ocula when they were accused of the murder of an LC 3 chairman.

Our supporters need to be reminded that standing for surety is legal and does not mean that one is in support of a criminal act however, that you take responsibility for one’s appearance in court.

It is the Judge to decide the matter before the court not the surety.