By Watchdog reporter

Uganda’s main opposition political party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has maintained its stand of opposing the lifting of presidential age limit.

According to the party, they wake up every day strategizing on how to remove President Yoweri Museveni from power and now he wants tamper with the only remaining safe guard for Ugandans; the age limit.

The party warns Museveni and all the people intending to alter article 102, to them their appetite citing that if the president has failed to do so, it shall help him to tame it.

“We are currently doing consultations with Different Political Parties, Religious Institutions so that we come up and later announce joint measures on this matter. FDC will also announce its individual measures on the way forward. The acting Party President Hon. Alaso Alice is leading these consultations,” Revealed Ssemujju Nganda, the party Secretary Publicity.

“We also want to sound a strong warning to the parliament not to be tempted, all those that will be party to the alteration of article 102 will become legitimate targets of this struggle. This might become Musevenis Water Loo,” He added.

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