By Watchdog reporter

Uganda’s main opposition party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has come out to claim that four of its members have gone missing.

In a press statement dated 26 June, 2017, FDC claims that after collecting a series of information from various reliable sources, they have learnt about the disappearance of four of their card-holding members who include; Musisi Ibrahim, Kabaale Ivan, Wanzige George and Robert Mayanja.

“An assessment of the timelines shows that Musisi Ibrahim,Kabaale Ivan, Wanzige George have been missing for a minimum of two weeks. Further inquiries and corroboration have led to the conclusion that the three have been detained without charge at the now infamous Nalufenya Prison, whose mention evokes thoughts of gore, degrading and inhuman treatment,” Statement partly reads.

According to FDC Deputy Spokesperson Mwiru Paul, behind these names are actually human beings, family members, friends and citizens of Uganda.

He says they take exceptions to the devaluation of human life and dignity that has become the norm insofar as state security is concerned.

“We urge the citizens of Uganda to take this as a matter of grave national importance and bring the pressure to bear on the line institution s of the state that are mandated with keeping law and order,” Mwiru stated.

On a separate but related note, the party also announces the abduction Robert Mayanja by the Field Force Unit police officers on the afternoon of Friday, 23 June, 2017 from City House located at William Street in Kampala.

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