FDC: Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda is mad, according to Ugandan opposition party, Watchdog reports.

There is no love lost between Independent magazine boss Andrew Mwenda with a section of leaders and supporters of Uganda’s biggest opposition party, Forum for Democratic Change.

Mwenda has devoted his recent years to criticizing radical members of FDC as well as four time presidential hopeful Dr Kizza Besigye.

Whereas officially FDC has largely played a contempt card towards Mwenda’s criticism, it comes as a surprise that FDC today decided to hit at Mwenda when he was not this time round attacking them but weighing in Kenya’s political future following a historic ruling by the country’s supreme court which overturned the re election of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Tweeting on FDC’s official twitter handle, the party branded Mwenda. “mad”.

“Whom the gods destroy first make Mad”, said @FDCofficial.

That was in response to Mwenda tweeting warning that the judgement was potentially explosive.

How Mwenda will react to the tag is now in his court.

FDC supporters have in the past unofficially called Mwenda names including this of “madman”.

The September tweet has officiated what FDC thinks of Mwenda, once their most darling journalist when he was at Daily Monitor and Kfm.