Makerere University KCCA woman Councillor Doreen Nyanjura has resigned in her fight for reforms and said, she cannot effectively represent the people who voted for her.

The Forum for Democratic Change activist renowned for her fearless defense for rights of the poor was elected to represent Makerere  University in the KCCA council in 2016. Nyanjura, a renown Kizza Besigye ally, took to social media to express her frustration with attempts to change the regime, or at least to cause some reforms.

However, Nyanjura has been rumoured receiving lots of trips abroad from the Jennifer Musisi led Kampala Capital City Authority, something which has kept her out of street activism for sometime.

It is not however clear why on Sunday, Nyanjura vetted out her frustration, resigning to the fact that she cannot do anything about the present state of affairs.

Nyanjura who campaigned on the pretext that she was ready for anything coming her way while defending the powerless, shocked her fans when she said none of them can liberate the voters, unless they did it themselves.

Nyanjura’s campaign posters boldly stated, “If Aliens attack, I am ready”! However on Sunday afternoon, she wrote two paragraphs that left her followers in confusion.

Nyanjura Doreen: “Being an elected leader under a dictatorship is very frustrating, the only thing you can get are allowances ,salaries and may be a title; you can’t represent your voters, all the rich views, policies and proposals are ignored; power belongs to the Dictator.

Please Ugandans don’t over rely on us elected politicians, we are powerless; the councillors don’t have powers, Parliament doesn’t have powers. Wake up and liberate yourselves Ugandans.


After her post, her followers weighed in with mixed reaction. It got worse with Nyanjura telling one of the followers that it is better not to participate in elections all together.

Clive Allan How about the idea of not participating at all in the election as a contestant?

Nyanjura Doreen It makes a lot of sense

Alex Ndinabeitu Thanks for being honest . Uganda has to be liberated.

Nsubuga Daniel Make sure that u convince KB not to think about elections 2021. Let’s be serious and boycott elections as long as M7 is one of the candidates. I will NEVER waste any minute in these useless elections when M7 is part of them..