By Najibu Mulema

An abomination took place in Lvubula sub county in Namutumba when a step father raped a 5 months old daughter.

Ali Wayira 27, is the man accused of raping his step daughter for money rituals. Wayira used the chance of the absence of the baby’s mother, Aida to rape the infant.

The mother was married to another man before but after giving birth, she came with the daughter and married Wayira.

Wayira in the custody of Namutumba police, refuted the claims saying that he is being falsely accused.

However, the mother and daughter have been taken care of by Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET) in Namutumba which organization fights for the rights of women and children.

“All of us should come together and fight terrorists,i call that one a terrorist though he didn’t kill her  what he did, he wanted her dead,” UWONET official said.

UWONET further said Ivukula sub county is full of rape cases, just even last month a 5 years old was raped by her teacher. Wayira will be taken to court to answer charges of raping a minor.