By Herbert Bukenya

Rev. Father Deogratius Kiibi Kateregga a cleric of the catholic church gained instant celebrity status on the afternoon of Friday 2nd February while delivering his sermon during the requiem mass of deceased music star Mowzey Radio real names Moses Sekibogo at Rubaga cathedral.

This is after he boldly spoke about the bad habits eating up Kampala’s celebrities specifically and also gaining prominence as social culture among the urban youth who look up to them.

The habits that he condemned wholeheartedly included abuse of drugs which not only impacts the health of abusers negatively but is also a precursor to violence and death in cases of extreme violence.

Onto drugs he added the abuse of alcohol which is also rampant among local music stars and socialites saying this consumes alot of their money, productive time and also makes their health detoriorate fast.

Things like snatching phones, ‘detoothing’ men which is a common practice among young ladies and spending alot of time in bars away from one’s family and spouse are some of the other habbits he spoke against.

Father Kateregga while delivering his sermon during the mass also advised young men to spend more of their energy working in productive jobs rather than going to gyms to lift weights during the day and attack fellow citizens to steal from them their hard earned money during the night.

The catholic church cleric also condemned the habit of throwing money in bars and parties which has picked up especially among Kampala’s socialites emphasizing the fact that there are many people in need and even some who sleep hungry that need this money being wasted.

He added that instead of throwing this money at people in bars those who have excess money can take it to the church which understands the challenges of its congregation members and can use it better to improve the lives of the needy in communities.

Finally he cautioned urban youth not to forget their roots in the villages they come from saying that when they come to the city and make some money, instead of living extravagantly and buying cars which dont add value, youth should invest in their villages by building decent houses there and starting farming projects they can fall back on when they leave the city later.

Among other distinguished mourners present during the mass were Buganda Kingdom Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga, City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and ruling party NRM’s Secretary General Kasule Lumumba.