By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred 

Farmers in the south western district of Ntungamo have been urged to embrace safe pesticide usage if they are ably sell their produce on the  international market.

The call was made by Ntungamo District speaker Elijah Atuhaire during a dissemination workshop organised by Uganda National Association of Community and Occupational Health –UNACOH on Wednesday.

Atuhaire revealed that Ugandans are not used to safe practices in handling of pesticides, which affects the quality of the products and their health as well. He called for collective responsibility is addressing the situation.

He was echoed by Stephenson Tushabe, the Ruhaama East sub county Agricultural officer, who revealed that some farmers have deliberately ignored safety precautions on grounds that they have been used to the traditional way of handling issues which he says must stop.

Aggrey Atuhaire the project coordinator revealed that they are aiming at ensuring that challenges arising from poor handling of chemicals are solved.

Ntungamo Resident district commissioner George Bakunda says that the message of safe agricultural practices is timely and will help farmers produce crops free from residuals that are dangerous to human beings.