By Watchdog reporter

Yesterday, Watchdog website reported that Faridah Nakazibwe had changed her mind to return to NTV after the intervention her managing director Aggie Konde.

Faridah, who had thrown in the towel at the Kampala Serena based television for BBS, changed her mind when Ms Konde spoke to her about better prospects.

It is a fact that Faridah leaving NTV was going to leave a gap especially on the Luganda team of the television. And Aggie did the right thing as a manager to fight for her.

The television had also sent out a notice asking talented anchors to apply to join NTV. However, the people that turned up were not impressive.

On Monday morning like we had reported, Nakazibwe reported for duty. The excited newsroom could not hide its excitement.

Maurice Ochol, who had changed Faridah’s number in his phonebook to “Ex-Workmate” posted a photograph with words, “Guess who’s back in office, the mugole her self Faridah Nakazibwe”.

He a few minutes later added, that the NTV team missed Faridah’s wedding in Dubai because “we didn’t have visas”.

Faridah had landed a gig at BBS television based in Mengo. However, Aggie convinced her stay and she listened to her counsel.

Faridah returns to NTV with mixed fortunes, having to fight for her marriage from her former lover Hajj Moses Kigongo who is determined to be a thorn in the flesh of her and her husband.

Welcome back Faridah.