Stop taking the easy road because it is the path that might bring you less confrontation. If what you really want is something more, then accept the challenge. Complaining too much can be toxic. Most people who spend their time complaining never actually move to the next level of trying to sort out their situation.

Don’t take offense. Things will be said and people will do things, purposefully or accidentally, that could hurt you. Choose not to be offended. Always put yourself in the other’s shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts the person most. Never give an attention to an opinions of negative toxic people and never take their opinions personally rather take it professionally. Once you give an attention to the negative toxic people then they can ruin your life and steals your joy of life. Just be focused on your own dream purpose and your personal life because life is too short to give an attention to unwanted people. So you can experience a true inner joy and an inner peace once you enjoy your own company and prioritize your own priorities. There is no pit so dip that God cannot lift you out. There is no desert so dry that God cannot dig for you a well. There is no prison so hard that God cannot take you out. There is no door so tight that God cannot open for you. There is no storm so wild that God cannot still for you. There is no battle so hot that God cannot win for you.

Use the doubt and the resistance of a person to believe in you as motivation for yourself to reach the level of success you want to reach. Forget them but never your dreams. When pharaoh decided to destroy the boys, God used the same pharaoh to raise Moses, the future deliverer. God is always one step ahead of the enemy. God can use your adversity for your advancement, God can use what was meant to destroy and cause it to develop you. God can use your enemy to establish you. With Allah all things are possible!