By our reporter

Lady Justice Jessica Naiga Ayebazibwe of the Family Division of the High Court died on Monday at the age of 53.

According to Mr Solomon Muyita, the Judiciary communications officer, Justice Naiga who had been unwell and down for a while, had almost recovered and was ready to resume her judicial duties.

Her daughter who works abroad planned to introduce her fiancé to the family this weekend, so both the judge and the daughter spent the best part of Monday in town shopping in preparation for the visitors.

She returned to home from shopping and happily displayed the things they bought to her husband and other family members.

She however, mentioned that she felt a bit tired and weak. She asked for a cup of tea, which she took and proceeded to her bed to take some rest.

The family members who went to check on her around 8pm realized she rested rather abnormally and decided to rush a helpless judge to Malcom Clinic near her home at Ndeeba in Kampala. She was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Before being appointed judge in 2014, she served as legal officer at National Environmental Management authority since 2017.

A graduate of law from Makerere University, she held a postgraduate diploma in legal practice from the Law Development Centre.