By Kiyimba Bruno

Pambazuka writing awards were results of surprises at the Kansanga based university Kampala International University [KIU] as students walked away with Dollars.

The ceremony that was attended to by the dean of students KIU Miss Karwana Jovia attracted both local and international students to compete for the competition.

Jonga Jacob, a first year student doing a bachelors degree in law at KIU managed to emerge as the overall winner  taking himself home USD 2000 plus books that were written by Fahamu. He wrote about governance as a theme that had extended to the idea of the East African Community integration .Jacob talks about the failure of the 6 EAC governments to involve people practically, but instead end up making decisions for them.

Mori Laris was the second as kisubi Nasser emerged as third winner, each going away with an equivalent amount of money and accolade.


The programme coordinator Miss Siena say that this was of great importance to both the students and the university and  that it is going to be done annually to enable students improve their writing skills.

It is on this note that she donated some books to the KIU Library to widen the student’s brains in research.

Currently, Fahamu Africa is implementing a youth-focused project titled ‘Your Voice Matters’, in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, which proposes to contribute to solving some of Africa’s challenges by providing students with an opportunity to share their views and plans for Africa via Pambazuka News essays, dialogues and debates

In Uganda, Fahamu Africa has partnered with Kampala International University to carry out a series of activities that will engage students and other stakeholders. One such activity is the organization of the Pambazuka News Essay Writing Competition, which was an opportunity to engage Kampala International University students to write an essay proposing a solution to challenges they face in their communities based on one of the themes mentioned as below;


  1.             Access to capital and starting small businesses
  2.             Agriculture and food sovereignty and security
  3.             Citizenship and right to nationality
  4.             Education and professional training
  5.             Environmental conservation and climate change
  6.             Leadership and governance
  7.             Migration and Africans in the Diaspora
  8.             Religious fundamentalism and culture
  9.             Role of peace and security in development
  10.             Use of technology as a tool for innovation and employment creation