By Najibu Mulema

Fading socialite, Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black’s comic lines will never end.

When she was released from Luzira prison last year, the ex convict revealed to journalists that she had changed her name from Bad Black to Good Brown( remained unpopular) and not too long the controversial socialite has again changed her name to Snail Baby.

While appearing on Bukedde TV, Bad Black said she has decided to change her name to Snail Baby and that she will not respond to anyone who addresses her by the historical name, ‘Bad Black’.

She said she decided to change the name her name to Snail Baby because the name Bad Black is always attributed to problems and trouble which even landed her in jail where she spent years.

Bad Black says she decided to call herself Snail Baby because just like a snail, she is slow but sure.
‘It’s 2017, a new year so I expect everything to be new that’s why I am adding ‘Snail Baby’ to my name,” she excitedly said.