By Najibu Mulema

It was a dramatic scene last night when Traffic police officers busted faded musician Jamal Wasswa while driving without a driving permit.

In its popular operation Fika Salama, yesterday night police road blocked various roads around the city and arrested various drivers who were drunk driving, without driving permits as well as those driving cars under dangerous mechanical conditions.

Among the captured included the ‘abakyala bazira’ singer.
When the traffic officers asked Jamal was he was driving without a driving permit, he shamelessly answered that he didn’t move with his permit because he was from a burial ceremony.
He tried to beg the officers not to ashame him in public so that they let him go but it was like he was building castles in air.
The singer was instead ordered to go aside and join his colleagues whom the police had already arrested.
On the same occasion, a popular DJ in town, Slick Stuart was arrested over drunk driving.