By our reporter

In a famous Facebook group known as Ugandans at Heart, one of the members identified as Hannah Ogwapiti posed a question asking fellow members why they think renowned music icon Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool is the most hated artiste in the country at the moment.

And she escorted the ironic question with a photo of Bebe Cool and wife Zuena Kirema clad in the famous yellow attires.

All that couldn’t make news but the most sarcastic part was that in the same photo, the ‘mbozzi z’amalwa singer was renamed Abiriga whereas his wife Zuena was renamed Anite.

When you fact check, you may try to guess why the question poser opted to call the couple by such names.
Apparently, Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga and Koboko Municipality MP Evelyn Anite are some of the ‘most hated’ politicians in the country following their open declaration to support the contentious age limit bill.

And of recent, some people have been making fun of the two legislators saying that they should be a couple since they both have almost the same character traits.

Well, Hannah’s post got over 800 comments for or against it. Most People gave their reasons why they think Bebe is hated whereas some of his die-hard supporters just lashed out at Hannah for her ridiculous post.