By Najibu Mulema

Yesterday the Lord mayor of Kampala city, Erias Lukwago shared a picture of dead bodies regarding the Kasese incident which happened on Saturday leaving over 55 people dead including 14 security operatives.
In his post, Lukwago condemned the evil acts taking place in the Rwenzori region.
Early today Lukwago was shocked when he opened his facebook account only to find a report from Mark Zuckerburg’s management telling him how his photo was removed since it could cite violence.
“Good morning dear friends. Have woken up to a strange report on my Facebook account that they, Facebook Management, decided to remove a picture I shared on this timeline yesterday, showing dead bodies piled up at the entrance to Omusinga’s palace in Kasese. I take exception of that arbitrary and irrational decision because as a responsible citizen and leader I do reflect critically on whatever I publish on this platform. I abhor, detest and condemn violence, mayhem and crimes against humanity perpetrated by anyone and that was the sole purpose of that post, nothing else.” Said Lukwago on his page.