It is not true that there was any fighting. I have been sleeping in Pacific Hotel. When I went back, I got everything was calm at the Hotel. As I sat down at the Reception after arrival, three boys of Bobi Wine arrived and told us that one colleague (supporter of Wadri) was shot and they decided to come with the dead body. Apangu and me advised them to leave the body in the car to avoid attracting public attention.

From there I stood up to go to my room. As I was leaving, I saw Hon.Bobi and Hon. Zake. I advised them to get to their rooms and make calls from there. Indeed they followed my advise and went upstairs. I entered my room and locked myself.

All this time, the car (with dead body was just parked in front of Hotel Pacific with the Driver sitting in the car waiting.

When in my room, I recieved a call instructing me to leave the Hotel Room. I swiftly left, as I was leaving, the Army was already surrounding Hotel Pacific. There was even no crowd. I believe, the driver was shot when the car was parked. Just to clear the airwaves as an eye witness there was no clashing at Pacific, everything was calm. May the Soul of the Driver Rest in Internal Peace.

– Eye witness account, name withheld for protection