By Najibu Mulema

The 2016 Primary leaving Exams were released on Thursday 12 January, 2017. Many schools especially the renown best schools in the country were jubilating as usual.

But this time round, there is one  prestigious, one of the most expensive primary schools in Uganda which never took part in the joyous moment when severe schools in its bracket were celebrating upon registering a number of super first grades.

And guess what? That school was Kampala Parents School, which is owned by city tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia.  Prior known for producing best candidates in the country.

This time things turned up side down, compared to the input invested by the parents, the school totally ashamed it’s  reputation.

According to the angry  former owner of KPS, Kasole Lwanga Bwerere, the school registered only one pupil with four aggregate and two with 5s yet during his time, the school used to produce an average of 30 to 50 4s in PLE.

Remember, parents pay shs 1.7 million per term but the end results have proven that administration begs for more than what it can deliver.

KPS School Fees structure for 2017

Many schools that demand less than shs 500,000 outperformed KPS and where does this leave the education centre?

Now many people who got to know about its outrageous performance are now comparing it to Universal Primary Education schools, and to some extend they may be right because we have seen some UPE schools performing better than schools where parents pay millions of shillings.

Still at the founder of KPS, Kasole, he said that Sudhir’ son Rajiv Ruparelia sacked all experienced teachers and replaced them with less educated Indians who advertise the school as a nightclub. This could be the reason why KPS displayed such awful performance in last year’s PLE exams.

Sudhir Ruparelia and his son Rajiv who are accused of running down Kampala Parents School

And what may be annoying, Sudhir awarded the best candidates with shs2 million each as if he was thanking them for having helped him at least secure that 4 and 5s because it would have been too bad for a school like KPS not to register even a single candidate with 4 aggregate.