By our reporter

Mainstream newspapers in Uganda reported a couple of days ago that former aide to Gen Kale Kayihura, Jonathan Baroza, was among officers in detention in the aftermath of the arrest of their boss, the former Inspector General of Police.

However, this website understands that no one for now can account for the whereabouts of Baroza, said to be a close confidant to the former police chief, now with several charges hanging around his neck.

Watchdog Uganda has been briefed that Baroza is missing and Afripol headquarters in Algiers where he had been seconded as Uganda’s coordinator, cannot account for him.

It is not understood if Algeria intentionally let Baroza off the hook, having understood he was a wanted man in Kampala, however, sources this website has spoken have revealed that Baroza is not anywhere in Algiers or Algeria.

“He is missing at his work station,” says a source, familiar with work of Afripol, the body Kayihura was a deputy of the Algerian police chief.

When this website dug deeper, we now understand that Afripol sent Baroza to Central African Republic to make a presentation on behalf of the African police.

However, to their dismay, Baroza did not report back to Algiers. He disappeared in thin air.

It is not clear if UPDF which keeps a presence in Central African Republic, arrested him there and airlifted home.

Baroza disappeared after police issued an arrest warrant for him. The police officially wrote to him, in Algiers, telling him he had cases to answer back home.

An air ticket therefore dispatched to bring himself back home! Before he received the letter and air ticket, Baroza could have been tipped and chose to go on the run.