By our reporter

A lot of speculations having been moving around regarding the night singer Mowzey Radio was thumped into coma during a night brawl at De Bar club in Entebbe.

During the brawl, Radio sustained a severe brain injury which led to his death on Thursday morning at Case Clinic.

Though the singer is now dead and gone, today we have decided to bring you what exactly transpired on the fateful night of 21 January, 2018 which silenced Radio for good.

It all started when Radio in company of producer Washington went to De Bar in Entebbe on Sunday at 10pm after being invited by a friend identified as Pamela who is also security personnel there.

On Reaching at the night spot, Radio realized that the place’s manager is his long time rival way back at Water Front Beach and this made him lose his temper.

According to our source, De Bar’s manager first worked at Water Front Beach and during that time, the management of the beach and Radio were beefing each other.

After spotting his ‘enemy’ in place, Radio got out of hand and told Washington “We should leave this place, we should go somewhere else, I hate this bar”.

Our source says, the manager tried to cool Radio down thus giving him half a bottle of black label but the singer threw the bottle and glass away and called out the bar owner George Egesa and started insulting him saying he was too poor to afford a full bottle of Johnnie Walker.

From there Egesa ordered the waitress to bring it and when Radio received it, he started pouring it down and on people in the nearby chairs.

During the brawl, the bar bouncer came from nowhere, picked and thumped Radio down to ground outside the bar.

The singer hit his head hard on the concrete which action immediately sent him into coma.

After the incident, Radio was rushed to Nsambya Hospital but later admitted to Case Clinic where he was operated on after suffering from a brain injury.

He passed on yesterday after spending almost two weeks in coma.

He will be buried tomorrow in Kaga, Nakawuka along Entebbe road.