By Allen Kisakye

‘32 Years! A State of 27 Citizens’ play is showing tonight at Goethe Zentruim Kampala ‘GZK/UGCS’ (Bukoto street plot 52) at 7:00pm featuring fun Newspaper stories with comedy, Human interest, Drama, tragedy and all sorts of stories that people read in Newspapers

According to the actor and creative director Mpaata Rogers Williams-Otako, this play is meant to examine stories behind all newspaper headlines live on a stage in a breath taking fusion of poetry, comedy, music and dance.

The Newspaper stories will be presented an insightful but yet entertaining style about 32 years in a state that benefits 27 citizens.

 After the show the audience will be welcomed to join the performers for a critical discussion about the play and its main topics.

This stage play is going to feature celebrated comedians like Mpaata, Bwanika Baale Felix among others.

Some of the exciting stories to look out for are like The age limit Bill, Arua Municipality By-Elections, General Elections 2016, all this mixed up with Dance, Music and Comedy

The Newspaper theatre Performance is a technique of the theater built on a basis of Newspaper articles, headlines, books and speeches but performed in a more dramatic style. It was initiated and first showed in 2014 at Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC).