By Watchdog reporter

Male species in Moroto are super excited than ever after learning about the new development of providing them with free underwear in case they accept to be circumcised.

Apparently, the Ministry of Health is undertaking Safe Medical Circumcision (SMC) program and it resolved to give out free underwear to every male who gets circumcised and indeed the idea has yielded fruits because men are flowing in overwhelmingly.

According to Daily Monitor, more than 200 males were circumcised in the first two days of the program at different SMC camps in Moroto attributing the massive turn up to the free underwear incentive.

“ Whereas the locals prefer wrapping themselves with sheets or trousers without underwear, some of them are excited to try out the underwear,” said Abraham Kizza, a mobiliser from the Health Ministry.

Health experts recommend SMC as it helps reduce the risk of HIV infections by 60 percent.

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