By Watchdog reporter

Retired Major Edward Rurangaranga, the former Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) chairman has died.

Rurangaranga collapsed at around 1am in the wee hours of Tuesday morning at his home in Kitagata in Sheema district.

The 85 year old retired soldier at a rank of Major, according to a relative has been ill for a long time.

Two years ago, he was admitted at Nakasero Hospital over breathing complications, he would later be pronounced dead. However, it turned out it was not true.

Rurangaranga was discharged and since then his health has been deteriorating.

A former minister in the Obote regime, Rurangaranga is known for leading a coup to topple UPC defacto president Olara Otunnu in 2012 accusing him of incompetently running the party.

Rurangaranga was one of the many former Obote Ministers whose property was looted and vandalised at the fall of the UPC government in 1985.

UPC party members have described former Chairman as a hero whose contribution to the party and country shall forever be remembered.