By Watchdog reporter

Former Kumi Member of Parliament Patrick Amuriat Oboi has revealed that he is the best choice for Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president.

Amuriat is one of the six contenders for the party presidency who are due for nomination today and on Tomorrow on Tuesday.

In an interview with the Observer newspaper, the former legislator said he is the right choice for FDC party president because among the contenders, he is the longest serving party members who has been in FDC since inception and he has been involved in Ugandan politics for so long so he knows what is best for the main opposition party in the country.

He noted that apparently, the party is declining due to disunity so it needs someone like him who is capable of dealing with such challenges.

“There are glaring cases of not so much unity in the part and, as a result, we are actually losing members, some of them out of frustration,” said Amuriat.

However, he condemned Gen. Mugisha Muntu for failing to unite the party members in the last five years he has been president citing that his graph is beginning to fall; he has reached the peak and he is now coming down in terms of being able to run the party.

“I have talked about the disunity in FDC that has made it impossible or difficult for him to successfully run the party. A good leader given five years should have united the party by now,” stated Amuriat.