By our reporter

A dead body of Abel Katende, a former Monitor Publication accountant was on Sunday morning retrieved from a pit latrine after going missing since last week on Friday.

Uganda Police Force investigation into Katende’s kidnap led them to question Katende’s wife according to Flying Squad Unit (FSU) commander, ACP Herbert Muhangi.

“We interrogated her and she revealed that she kidnapped him with the help of the children and they killed him.They buried him in a latrine in Gayaza and we retrieved his body on Sunday morning,” said Muhangi.

According to sources, the wife connived with her daughters to kill Katende after suspecting him to be in plans of marrying another woman.

It is alleged that the suspects also accused Katende of practicing witchcraft against them.

Apparently police is still imvestigating how they managed to cement the pit latrine by themselves or they gor help from a third party.