By Watchdog reporter

Koboko Municipality MP Evelyn Anite has revealed that that she has what it takes to be president in case a chance comes her way.

Anite was earlier today responding to NBS TV’s Samson Kasumba when he asked if she has plans of standing for president in future.

The controversial Minister of state for Investment said her short term goal is to remain in parliament and she cannot say that she wants to become president since she doesn’t know what the future holds for her.

However, the 32-year-old legislator disclosed that in case a chance comes her way to become president of Uganda, she welcomes it with open arms since she has the brains, and what it takes to be one.

“I cannot say out my long term goals now because I don’t know what the future holds for me but in case a chance comes up to be president, of course I take it because I have the brain, i have what it takes and to mobilize is my thing and it drives me,” she said.

When asked whether she regrets about her earlier statement that they have the army to protect them in their quest of removing the age limit, Anite said she doesn’t regret at any point because the army is supposed to defend her as per constitution.

“I have nothing to regret, my constitution, which I’m going to amend, tells me that the army will defend me.”

The long anticipated tabling of the #agelimit Bill in Parliament did not show up after MPs made the House ungovernable forcing the deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah to adjourn the House.